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"Electrify My World" VOD

When I first stepped into 九年剧场 Nine Years Theatre and saw an early rehearsal for #electrifymyworldnyt , I was filled with fear. A circular stage with audiences on each side, free-flowing and dynamic blocking of actors… My face was calm but inside I was freaking out - “how do we do this?!!!” - I knew it would be a challenge from shoot to post.

In order to fully capture Nelson Chia incredible vision for his play, we went all out. This VOD was shot LIVE, over two nights, using 7 cameras. Admittedly we went a little excessive and overly-ambitious... but it is without regrets. The end result is something we are all very proud of. Thank you 九年剧场 Nine Years Theatre for trusting us with this project.

Wanna thank my friends who are crazy enough to support me, as always:

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